Access to high quality Lithuanian supply chain…….worldwide clients and a skillset to bring several parties together, supported by the Government of Lithuania.

Living and working here providing a professional 'fast track' sales solution for mid-large size Lithuanian Companies that are serious about doing business in the UK and further afield. We have successfully run outsourcing companies for the past 30 years and in partnership with the UK Lithuanian Embassy we have created a fast track introduction service for reputable high-quality Lithuanian companies wishing to establish a foothold in the UK.

With over 100 total years of high level marketing and sales experience and extensive world-wide connections The Honourable Richard Evans, and his team, provide a seamless process in to getting to the right people with a 'sniper-shot' strategy towards ultimately securing contracts and where applicable working closely with UK Delivery Partners.



  • We have spent considerable time building relations and creating a reliable, trustworthy qualified construction supply-chain with Lithuanian Partners, assisted originally by the Embassy of Lithuanian in London. We have the ability to bring several parties together including client trips to Lithuania. Being here fulltime presents us with a distinct advantage which our clients benefit from.
  • Working with us doesn’t add to the cost of working with suppliers, this is already built in at ‘no additional cost’, we introduce, overview and provide assistance where needed adding value as much as possible, managing expectations and cultural differences.
  • Our business background includes the ownership of Europe’s leading Print Management firm which we sold successfully in 2002 to a major PLC, this experience is invaluable in providing an outstanding professional outsourced solution in whatever product or service - it is all about relationships, quality of product & delivery working with expert teams. Our experience of business includes working in the following sectors; Retail, B2B, Charities, Trades Unions, Fashion, Education, Medical, Military, Government, Construction & F&B.

For more information contact Richard Evans or +44(0)7590 850876