1. Do you have planning permission to build if not when do you anticipate this roughly? Please ensure the development is designed for modules not conventional construction
  2. When you need delivery by? What is the timeline for completion?
  3. Do wish us to deliver to a UK port or to the actual site address if so what is the post code? Do you envisage any significant challenges en-route?
  4. We require architectural drawings and plans, specifications etc in detail. Who will be involved in the process, are we reporting to you or your client or?
  5. How many units/apartments/houses do you require?
  6. Volumetric modules or Panelised?
  7. What type of housing is required? PRS/PBSA/1st Time Buyer/Luxury?  
  8. Is there easy access to the site? What is the ground surface on site? Asphalt, Concrete, Gravel etc? Any obstacles?
  9. When providing ‘volumetric modules’ do you wish us to provide the façade and roofing cover or simply modules? What type of façade exactly? And what type of roofing do you require? Flooring?
  10. What are your U-Values for insulation? And any other relevant information
  11. What style of windows would you like? And which materials? for example wood, PVC, aluminium, Alu-Clad? Please give as much information as you can
  12. Do you have specific internal fittings inside in mind? Specific brands or style? shower fittings, tiles, kitchen style, doors etc please detail these fully with photographs
  13. Do you have a target price per square metre for this project? 1. Modules 2. Complete Project

Customer’s responsibilities if not engaging our supply chain to provide a turn-key solution include:

  • Connecting the building to the main supply of water, sewage and electricity
  • Being the main contractor and technical designer of the building
  • Foundation and other concrete parts
  • External communications
  • The administration of the building site: waste containers, site office, accommodation for the mounting team, cranes, scaffolding, electricity and water supply