Current Projects

  • Off-Site Construction solutions worldwide working with local expert delivery partners, expanding weekly with state of the art technology from bathroom pods, elements, pre-cast concrete, light gauge steel & 3D volumetric
  • General construction supplies including windows & blinds, flooring, residential & industrial doors & electric gates, adventure parks, bespoke steel engineering, timber style lodges, heating & air conditioning, relocatable buildings etc
  • Bespoke furniture; tables, chairs, sofas, acoustic panels for offices, hotels, ‘build to rent’ housing sector
  • ICT: Software, web development, Interactive Technology & Digital Graphics Solutions
  • PPE (Covid-19) including disinfectant gloves, gowns, testing kits, ventilators etc

Future Plans

  • Solar, bio-mass & water treatment off-the-grid systems to help people function without the support of remote infrastructure
  • Working with UK local authorities & housing associations creating joint ventures incorporating investment via ACE Funding – Affordable Housing Unlimited
  • Private Equity opportunities assisting worldwide companies to expand in to the Baltics & supporting Lithuanian businesses in general to expand
  • On-going supply chain partnerships expansion for Off-Site Construction across the Baltics & further afield increasing our partners with ACE Modular Construction

Please contact Richard Evans for more information